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amvets affiliate organizations

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary: The Ladies Auxiliary is a subordinate national organization of AMVETS whose members (female veterans or relatives of AMVETS) provide a range of services and support to veterans, communities and other nonprofit organizations such as Paws With a Cause, the John Tracy Clinic and Freedoms Foundation.

Sons of AMVETS: The Sons of AMVETS, as its name implies, is a nationwide organization comprised of the sons of American veterans who are members of AMVETS. The Sons play an active role in promoting AMVETS’ legislative agenda, providing services to hospitalized veterans and supporting charitable initiatives.

Sad Sacks: A fun-making and honor organization comprised of AMVETS members, the Sad Sacks (who derive their name from the famous cartoon character of World War II) provide, as their chief community service project, scholarships for nurses.

Honor Guards:  The Honor Guard provides military honors at veteran’s funerals, presentation of colors at many different ceremonies

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