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Saddest - Larry Mead

Almost, Not Quite -             
Feathers - Bob Yorde
Money Bags - Dick Lloyd
Hoosegow - Debbie Somdahl
Squire - Debbie Somdahl
Solemnest - Dick Lloyd

Nosiest -                      
Worm - Gary George
Wailer - Virgil Poling

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:01 p.m. 

What is a Sad Sack?
n. An extremely inept or clumsy person

The AMVETS recognizes a subordinate organization known as AMVETS Sad Sacks of American Veterans. Governed by their own Constitution and By-Laws, the Sad Sacks membership is limited to members in good standing of the AMVETS. A fun and honor organization comprised of AMVET members. The Sad Sack group was formed after a cartoon character created in 1942 by Sgt. George Baker.

The following Sad Sack Officer’s titles are listed with their AMVET counterpart in an effort that you may better relate to what office it signifies.

Saddest = Commander
Almost, Not Quite = Programs Vice Commander
Feathers = Adjutant
Money Bags = Finance Officer
Hoosegow = Provost Marshal
Squire = Judge Advocate
Solemnest = Chaplain
Nosiest = Public Relations
Worm = Historian
Wailer = Cry Baby

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